PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update New Map ?

pubg new update 0.18.0

On7 May new update of PUBG mobile 0.18.0 is coming with a lot of new features which include a new revamped version of Miramar map, safety scramble mode, and other features. In this post, I will explain every new feature which will come in the new update of PUBG mobile 0.18.0. This update is delayed because of lockdown due to the epidemic disease called Coronavirus.

At the starting of 2020 pubg mobile has announced that the new map erangel 2.0 will be launched in April but due to current conditions, they have to postpone it. Now in this upcoming update, a new classic map is coming Miramar 2.0. A new mode is also included in the play lab  whose name is Safety Scramble Mode. Vending machines are also included in this upcoming update. Now you can get energy drinks and painkillers from these machines.

Here is the teaser of upcoming update in pubg mobile 0.18.0 .

Miramar 2.0

This map is a revamped version of Miramar. On this map, many things are changed.  Light and heavy sandstorms are included in this map. The look of Mirado Car is also changed. Now this car is a gold plated car. The golden layer is added to this car which makes it a very beautiful and shining car.

  • A new water city is added in this map.
  • A racing ramp is added.
  • Changement in building styles and added some new building near water City.
  • Vending machines are added.

Safety Scramble Mode

This mode is included in play lab. This mode is a unique mode in which there are two blue zones and only a little amount of safe area. The first blue zone is the normal zone which we can see in other maps but the second blue zone will place in the safe zone.This map is a time Limited map which will be deleted in the next upcoming update.

And Not all the players play this kind of play lab maps. The first blue zones shrink and touch the safe circle time to time and the second blue zone changes its position inside the safe zone. Here is the photos that you can understand easily.

safety scramble mode

Jungle Adventure Mode

This Mode is added to Classic Sanhok Map. This Mode contains hot air balloons at different locations in Sanhok Map.  These hot air balloons are fixed at their locations we can’t move them from one location to another location. With the help of these balloons, we can see the Enemies in our area.A Temple Like places added in the spawn lobby Of Sanhok.

This temple is based on Jungli Humans.In this mode when you are in hot air balloon you can’t kill enemies and there is a emote in hot air ballon. Here are some photographs related to the Jungle Adventure mode.

Other Features

  • CheerPark Added As Training Mode.
  • Win98 has preinstalled Scope of 2.87x.
  • New SMG P90 50 Bullets installed.


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